The Quest

I am deeply concerned with exploring how art, both in making it and experiencing it, can be more than a mere adornment on life, an entertainment, but rather can be realized as a strong stimulus and nourishment of a person's inner life and inner forces. Our lives today practically demand that we increase both the strength and quality with which we think and imagine, feel, and even will--more independently yet more selflessly. Does art serve us this way? Can it?


I have been making art since that very early, un-selfconscious age when we all, however briefly, made art. I have never stopped, although I have at times let long periods go by without discipline, which I regret. I am an Image-maker; my mind, my soul resonates and churns with colors and movements, forms and feelings. There's more than I could explore in a lifetime.

As for how I work, I am largely self-taught; I've always stubbornly guarded my artistic integrity against a potentially too-close influence from teachers. A narrow attitude, for sure (and of course I have had influences,) and I may have paid for it in time and struggle, but I am pretty happy with the path I am on now. Not the same as being happy with where I am on the path! Is any good artist at all satisfied with his or her current achievements, and current ability to give "to airy nothing a local habitation and a name"?

To me making art is rather like formulating--sometimes carefully, sometimes wildly--a word or a sentence that consists of feeling rather than thoughts. Or you could just as well say it consists of colors, and lines, and substances. Coming together just so and waiting to be read. And so what could be more satisfying than sharing such images with other people? A piece of art stirs and awakens one's soul, I believe, if only momentarily. Everybody should have art in their life, in their space--not my art, maybe, but art. And art that feeds them. I want to contribute to that.

So, well met. Look around. Enjoy.