And Welcome / by gene talbott

So welcome to this blog and my website. I hope you will look through the galleries and find something you enjoy looking at. There are a lot of differences over the whole of my work, even within a single medium, because rather than striving very hard to cultivate a 'recognizable style' for its own sake, or a comfortably familiar method, I'm always exploring and trying to find the way this or that work best 'wants' to be painted. Something like 'beginner's mind.' Never assuming I've 'got it.' I have very little method. Sometimes I regret that; I'm not sure I ever know exactly what I'm doing. And paintings do have a mind of their own.

I'm going to devote a lot of attention to this blog. I am going to post regularly. There's a lot I'd like to think very hard about in this space, for my own satisfaction, and an awful lot I'd love to talk about and share with you. I wouldn't mind getting into technical details and materials for those who are interested, as well as how a piece is developed. I'd like to talk about the ideas, impulses and inklings that are guiding me, or at least influencing me, in how I work creatively, including both the motivations (such as they might be) for particular pieces, and the driving inspiration within my artistic endeavors as a whole. I'm not entirely clear about that latter myself, in certain respects, although I feel it strongly, and I'm very much looking forward to bringing that into much clearer focus.

I also intend to use this space to do some exploring of creativity and imagination and other aesthetic notions themselves, as ideas. Functional, or guiding, ideas. Our culture really is one of "do it, don't think about it," and very much so in the realms of self-expression and creativity. But there is much value in thinking about what one is doing, I believe. It accelerates learning and growth, for one thing, uncovering new potential. And for another, why can't creativity and imagination be applied to ideas (including the ideas of themselves) as well as to paintings? It is hard to talk about such things, thus it's easy to talk about them badly. I know this. I will try very hard to be both practical and poetic--or maybe in turn--but such things--such ideas-- are too important, and fascinating, not to think and talk about. They touch on essential aspects of human nature, after all. They more than touch, really, they go right to the core.

And something I've clearly realized only in the last year or so is that human nature is what my own art, at least, is almost all about.

And I need to think about that.