Wallpapers / by gene talbott

I would like to make a quick post for those who don't know quite as much as they would like about how their computer works.

You can take any image that you see in my galleries and use it on your computer as the desktop wallpaper, the image that shows when you have no browsers or other programs up. Simply go to the individual page on my site for that piece of art and right-click on it, then click on 'Save Image as'. Finish the saving process and be sure to make note of where in your folders it is getting saved to. You'll just need to go there, find the image and right-click on it, and select 'Set as desktop background' or something similar. That should do it! (You might need to go to 'settings' or 'control panel' to adjust how the image places itself on your screen. You'll probably want the image to 'fit,' rather than 'stretch' or 'tile' itself.)

This of course works (as you may know or guess) with any image you encounter on the internet, although some images are too low resolution and will look blurry expanded to the size of your screen. The images in my galleries will look fine. This is a great way to look at something inspiring every time you turn on your computer.