Information About Buying My Art

I want you to feel thoroughly and entirely comfortable buying art from me and buying art online. From the moment you purchase, your satisfaction and enjoyment is my overwhelming, number-one concern. So I want to make sure you know everything you need to know when you buy.

Your order will be very carefully packaged and shipped within 7 days. If, upon receipt of one of my works, you decide you would rather not have it, just send it back within 10 days--in the same condition you received it--and, as soon as I receive it back, I will refund your money completely. Without hesitation. You, the customer, are the foundation of my business, and I regard you with the utmost respect.

I have made painstaking efforts to represent my art on this site as it is in reality. Artwork can fall under so many different qualities of illumination, and I can't know where you will place your painting. One should note that illuminating an image on a computer screen by blasting light through it will always make it slightly more radiant than otherwise. I have tried to take this into account in processing the images.

My watercolors and pastels are created with lightfast materials/pigments (within the standards of that medium) on acid-free paper, and come with an acid-free mat and backing board. To have their best longevity, watercolors and pastels should be framed and placed under glass. The framing of a piece is, frankly, where you the customer can take a unique piece and personalize it a bit, integrating it further with your space. Glass has the potential downside of reflections, but also looks well on a painting. Without glass, both watercolor and pastel will eventually degrade somewhat due to atmosphere. This can take ten or twenty years to become noticeable, in my experience. But not using glass is a valid choice.

My acrylic works, which often include other substances and materials, are also created with lightfast pigments on acid-free canvas. They are painted on the sides and come with a hanging wire attached, ready for hanging. Acrylic paints and the substances I use with them are hardy and do not readily degrade. Nevertheless they can still be damaged or marred.

Watercolors, certainly, look best in a room with strong natural illumination. They need lots of (indirect) light bouncing off the white paper and back up through the translucent color to really glow. Pastels and especially acrylics will do well enough in a less well-lit room, although of course they love light too. No artwork should ever be placed in direct sunlight for any length of time if it's intended to last long.

As a creator of physical and somewhat delicate things, I want my works to last. Any buyer will want the work to last. Care and common sense should provide for this outcome. Please note that my artworks are raw, direct from my easel, and from my hand to yours. They are not coated with toxic varnish or sprayed with UV protection, both of which alter the appearance, especially of works on paper and substances like ash and wood. The pastels have some light fixative, as too much alters the appearance drastically. I want my paintings to have a long life, but I'm not sure they can be armored entirely against time. They do eventually and inevitably age, as everything does.